Career Center

Career Center

As a longstanding community asset re-imagined in a new location, the Career Center project expands the previous center’s function as a hub for Winston-Salem high school students. On its new Kennedy Campus site, the Career Center is true to its name, located nearer to the geographic center of Forsyth County and thus more accessible to students at all of the county’s high schools.

The main design objective was to create a true learning campus where students could thrive in advance placement, career technical and regular curriculum courses. The facility is infused with natural light, view corridors open to the surrounding environment, and colorful wayfinding elements. With careful planning and creative design, we drastically increased the site’s density, which brought new synergy to the site and to the surrounding community.

Project Information

Winston-Salem, North Carolina

Winston-Salem/Forsyth County Schools

205,000 square feet


  • 2014 Mayor's Award, Winston-Salem/ Forsyth County Community Appearance Commission

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